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Nacreous Clouds

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Polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs), also known as "nacreous
clouds", are found in the winter polar stratosphere at altitudes
of 15,000–25,000 metres (50,000–80,000 ft). Due to their high
altitude and the curvature of the surface of the Earth, these
clouds will receive sunlight from below the horizon and reflect it
to the ground, shining brightly well before dawn or after dusk.
PSCs form at very low temperatures, below −78 °C. These
temperatures can occur in the lower stratosphere in polar
winter. In the Antarctic, temperatures below −88 °C frequently
cause type II PSCs. Such low temperatures are rarer in the
Arctic. Apart from arctic regions, PSCs have also been known
to be seen in Scandinavia, Iceland, Alaska and Northern
Canada. Sometimes, however, they occur as far south as

This beautiful release features 37 short tracks of raw
iridescent ambience (total time exceeding 78 minutes)
reflecting the hyper-temporal nature of what are known as
"nacreous clouds". And like the clouds, the tracks are quick to
appear and disappear. Playback using the random shuffle
mode of your CD player is highly recommended.

While this is undoubtedly an ambient release, it is unusual in
that there are many short tracks instead of one or two long
ones, and each of the tracks is notably "raw" in that they do not
use additional processing like reverb to enhance the initial
processed sound sources further. This might prove to be a
challenge for those who prefer their ambience buried under a
thousand pounds of reverb, but it is not the intent of the artists
or and/OAR to release "just another ambient CD". Instead, we
invite you to explore an alternative method of rendering
ambience in a way that is more immediate, therefore effecting
the listener's mind in a more personal and powerful way.

"We originally recorded ourselves playing instruments such as
cello, violin, piano and bells. We also made recordings of
household sounds (such as showers, running water in the
sink, and television static), plus the wind outside, beaches
cars passing, walking on gravel streets, etc. Afterward we went
through everything, choosing specific parts in lengths ranging
from 3 seconds to 3 minutes, and made tape loops of
everything. At this point, we arranged the different tape loops
into patterns and speeds meant to resemble the clouds and
their actions as much as possible. When mixing the loops, we
played three to six of them at a time, on different reel-to-reel
tape players connected to both of our laptops and channeled
back out into a Kaiser filter." (Celer)

Celer are the wife and husband duo of Dani Baquet-Long and
Will Long. After releasing a rather prolific series of handcrafted
self-released CDRs, 2008 has seen a sudden flurry of CD
releases on recording labels such as Spekk (with Matthieu
Ruhlmann), two releases on Infraction (with a possible third to
come?), plus and/OAR.

Danielle Baquet-Long is a teacher of special education and
music therapy, a seasoned and published writer of poetry and
prose, a painter, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, also
recording under the project name of Chubby Wolf. She has an
extensive background in Gender Studies, Education, Basque
History, Photography, and Tibetan Studies, as well as having
lived in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the United States.

Will Long also works in education, and is a published writer of
fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, with degrees from two
universities in English and History, and with a background in
Creative Writing, Philosophy, and Literature. He is also an
instrumentalist, interested in finding a meeting place through
music between the analog and digital world, through field
recordings, custom software, arrangements, and concepts.

During Will and Dani's time together, they have produced
numerous custom, handmade self-releases, sound for
installations and art exhibitions, as well as creating works for
independent labels in North America, Japan, and Europe.
Their intent is producing works that reflect the nature of love,
family, and their concerns and interests, through a relative and
absolute symposium of expression. They currently reside on
the coast of Southern California.

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